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Normally, for me, pregnancy begins with 4 months of morning sickness.

The kind of morning sickness that has no sense of time … whatsoever.

Therefore, to be thorough with it’s morning sickness job it hangs around morning, noon, and night.  And wakes me through the night, just to be on the safe side.

I spend a good part of those 4 months in bed.  And on a good day, make it to the couch.

When pregnant with my third, the oldest two (ages 12 and 10) had fun renaming food so that when they asked the other to pass them something at the dinner table, they wouldn’t make my stomach turn if I heard them from the other room.   …   Would you please pass me the tan rectangles. (That was apparently the chicken breasts they had baked.)

But, this time, baby #6, after all the other pregnancies being exactly the same, this one has thrown me a curve ball.

I feel queasy and tired.  But, not all the time.

It is strange for me, to be in the first trimester and sometimes realize I feel just fine.   …   Because it’s not what I’m used to, it sometimes makes it feel like I’m not really pregnant.  That just shakes me up a bit.

Even stranger for me is that sometimes I have an appetite.

And crazier than that are the cravings!!

With each pregnancy, towards the end, I just have to have a steak.

I’m not a big fan of red meat, though I do like it.  And I’m not a big fan of large hunks of red meat on my plate, though there are times when I do enjoy it.  So, the steak craving is uncharacteristic.

But, this time, I’m nowhere near the end of the pregnancy   …   and I’m having cravings!

About a week ago I was craving chicken risotto.

But it was about 10 o’clock at night, and we didn’t have all the ingredients I needed.  So I tried to just sleep.  …  It was not easy, let me tell you!!

Then, two days ago I was craving “mac ‘n cheese from the blue box”, Saltine crackers, fruit punch from those frozen concentrate containers, Rice A Roni, canned peaches, and cottage cheese.   …   All at the same time!!

But, Texas Guy had just gone grocery shopping and I didn’t have the heart to ask him to go back for me.

But, oh my gracious!!  I was craving all those things like nobody’s business!

Thought I was going to go insane!

So, last night, I find myself craving chicken strips.

Ugh with the cravings!

I really (reeeeeaaaallyyy) wanted chicken strips.

But, I was trying to be rational   …   You can’t go sending Texas Guy out every time you have a craving.   …   You can’t just eat whatever you’re craving.   …  etc.

A few minutes later, I got out of bed (it was past bedtime) and found Texas Guy in the shower.

“Uuuh, babe, I’m craving chicken strips.”

I just know he was in there laughing a little.

But, bless his heart, he finished showering as fast as he could and jumped in the truck to go get some chicken strips for me before everything in this little town shut down.

Meanwhile, I sat at home feeling ashamed of myself for caving to my craving.  For being so silly.  Because cravings seems so … well … I mean … can they be explained?  Rationally?  With scientific fact?  It all seems so silly.

I don’t care how they can be explained!!  Because when he walked in with those chicken strips  …. Mmmmmm …. those are the best chicken strips I have ever eaten!!

And I ate them all  …

which is more than I have been able to eat at one time since I got pregnant.

And I didn’t feel queasy afterwards … I usually feel queasy late at night, especially after I have a snack.

And all day today, I’ve felt the best I have so far!   …  Hardly queasy at all!  Tired, but that’s better than pukey!

So, here’s what I’ve learned …


It is so, oh so very so, worth it!!

And … it cures morning sickness!

Well, sort of.   Maybe.

But, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!!

I hope Texas Guy is prepared.   …   Maybe I should remind him how happy he is about the baby.