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2 years ago today,

I drove away from our home in California,

our lives packed in boxes in The-Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck,

my children buckled up in their seats,

and headed for our new home   …

and a new adventure …

in Texas.

I was sad  …  and scared  …  and excited.

However, a lot of thought  …  and research,  …  and discussion,  …  and, above all, prayer had gone into this decision.

And I knew it was a good decision.

2 years later, as I look back on that day, I can still feel all the same emotions I felt.

And I can look back now with the wonderful benefit of hind sight and know it was a good decision.

* whew *

A few weeks ago, a delivery driver pulled up to our house and backed into the driveway.

But, they were using a rental truck, apparently until the usual company truck was available again.

And that rental truck was the same as the one we used for the move   …   only smaller, of course.

Bug saw the truck first and ran out onto the front porch jumping up and down, waving her arms around, and yelling, “Its The-Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck!!  We’re moving!!”

By then Sweet Pea had run out to the front porch and joined her sister, “We’re moving!!  WOOHOO!!!  We’re moving!!””

There had been no discussions of moving.

But, apparently, they saw the truck backing into the driveway (to unload a large delivery) and assumed we were moving.

It was a total surprise to them.

There had been no prior discussions.

No special books from the library to prepare them for a move.

Nothing done to “make the transition easier”.

And they had absolutely no idea where we were moving to.

They love this town that we live in.

They thoroughly enjoy the activities that they are involved in.

And they have become attached to a large number of people in this community.

Yet, they were thrilled to find out that we were about to head out on another new adventure.

I love my kiddos.

They are amazing.

And they are braver than I am.

That, right there, is what I want for them.

Join me in my memories of …

…  The day we picked up The-Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck

…  And this day, 2 years ago, when I said goodbye to the place we called “home”.