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After months of chilly Winter weather (which I love love love), Spring has arrived.

And with it, it brought warmer weather.

And with that warmer weather, it brought the color green everywhere.

And it turned our bare branches on the big tree into a canopy of leaves (that I will be grateful for come Summer).

And it brought short sleeves, and shorts,   …   and skin!

It was so fun to lay the baby down for a nap and see her sweet soft (such a whitey) exposed skin.

And, later that day, it was so fun to watch as she discovered her naked legs.

She kept rubbing them with her hands   …

…  discovering how it felt for her legs to be rubbed without a layer of cloth over them.

…  discovering what her legs felt like to her hands as she slid them up and down.

And then, on this morning, I looked over to see her discover Bug’s skin also.

First her sister’s legs …

Then her hands …


as if she was discovering for the first time that they were covered with that same skin stuff and her legs.