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It’s been a week of memories.

I know I posted about it earlier this week.

About our move from California to Texas.

But, it was such an adventure.

It was so full of emotions.

For someone who lived most of her life afraid to go anywhere (and I mean anywhere outside my front door), moving half way across the country was s-c-a-r-y!

And I was so sad to leave all the people that I knew … and all the familiar places that I wasn’t afraid to go to (outside my front door).

Then there were all the well-meaning people who were so concerned.  And each concern they expressed I felt I needed to think over … and over … and over in my mind.  They only wanted what was best for us.  And I felt so bad for worrying them.

Then there were the people that I had little or no relationship at all that had judgmental opinions, not coming from love, that just wanted to tell me what they thought.  …  People can be funny.

But, the bottom line was that I really thought this was what was best for my children.  And, I had done well over the past couple of decades in that area – knowing my children well and what was good for them.  So, I trusted myself.

And fortunately, I was not alone.  There were plenty of people who trusted me as well.  And their understanding and support is something I will always hold dear to me.  It means as much to me today as it did then.

And for the first time, in a long time, I realized that I also had to think about myself and take good care of myself.  So, the decision to move had to be a good one for my children, and for me.  That was new for me.  That was weird.  And that was one of the best things I have ever done.  …  I started taking care of myself.  …  And I haven’t stopped.

And so, we packed up our lives, and moved halfway across the country.

That’s not to say I wasn’t still nervous or scared.

That’s not to say that after the first day and a half, I wasn’t sick and tired of staring at the back of The-Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck and wondering what the heck I was doing.

That’s not to say that after our not so friendly encounter with Border Patrol I wasn’t wondering what in THE heck I was doing.

And that’s not to say that after having a ridiculous amount of trouble answering Border Patrol questions as we went through a check point very late at night I wasn’t wondering what in the HECK I was doing!

If you haven’t read about the move yet, you can start here …  Moving … From California to Texas ~ Part 1 … and join me as I remember.

Because, two years ago, this very evening, Texas Guy and I, exhausted from the long drive, pulled the vehicles into the driveway of what would be our new home, and began this new adventure.