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Has it really been 2 months since I have blogged?!?!

I have missed it SO much!

I have missed YOU!!

But, I had some important things to take care of, some things to finish, and then there is the paperwork   …   Ugh, paperwork!

But, I’m just about done – YAY!!

And, so, I’m back to blogging!

While cleaning up my desk yesterday, I came across a picture from a few years ago.

Baby Girl and I.

I just love this picture.

And it had me thinking   …

What an amazing journey life is.  And you just never know where it will take you.

Take my Baby Girl, for instance  …

The nurse handed my this round little baby with the biggest cheeks I had ever seen … and she was instantly my Baby Girl.

About a month later, the doctor tells me she has colic.  Though I’m certain she was severely PMSing.

3 months of screaming all night – Baby Girl, and no sleep – neither of us, and lots of late night tears – both of us.

And, finally, the storm had passed.  And she was an adorable, monkey-faced joy – whew!

Somewhere around the age of two to the age of 3, she decided she wanted to be in charge of … everything!

Every meal, every snack, every nap, every bedtime, every errand we ran, every outing we made, every everything.

Nearly each and every moment of each and every day for an entire year was a power struggle.

Baby Girl wanted to call the shots.  I wanted her to keep her strong determination but at the same time help her understand that she was not in charge, I was.

I went to bed nearly every night in tears and prayed that the Lord would give me the strength to get through the next day.

After that year, she was fun and adorable again – whew!

But, I feared those teen years that I had heard such horrible stories about.  And I had definite boarding school plans for her.

But, those teen years were fantastic and fun – whew!

And now that she is older and on her own, it is fun to realize that not only is she my Baby Girl, she has become one of my best friends.