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Hooray for Summer!!

I LOVE summer!!

(Well, truth be told, I love all the seasons.  But, I won’t run off on a tangent on that right now.)

Much of what I love about summer are my childhood memories of summer.

(I was blessed with fantastic parents and wonderful siblings … and therefore, a happy childhood full of memories for me now.   …   I love you, my family!!)

So, when summer rolls around (and every season and every holiday), I relish the childhood memories that pop into my mind and fill my heart all over again.

And at the same time, I celebrate each new summer day for my children.

I’m not a big planner of things to do to fill my children’s free time.  I never have been.  I’m not Julie the activities director on their cruise ship.  That’s what the good Lord gave them brains and imaginations for.

But, I do like to find a few fun, enriching activities for them when possible.  Here in our small town, there are usually a number of vacation bible school programs to join for a week of fun, faith, and fellowship.  The girls love these!

And for the love of all things wonderful, don’t forget your local library people!!  (I will try with all my might to not wander off on a tangent about my deep, unabridged love for libraries.  I will try my very best.)  One summer, I took a long road trip with Bug and Sweet Pea and made frequent, short stops to stretch our legs.  At each stop I would find the local library and/or a park.  It was so much fun to see how each library was exploring the “Bug” theme that summer!  So, check out your library and see what wonderful program they have going on!

And here are two summer “programs” that I wanted to share with you.

iMom.com has their Operation Summer program.

They send you an email each Sunday night with different ideas for you to pick and choose from if you need fun ideas for your kids this summer that will keep them busy while celebrating them as individuals and your family.

And ThrivingFamily.com has their Faith On The Go summer program.

They have a summer full of fun faith-building ideas for your kiddos and your family that are simple and easy.

What do you have planned for the summer?

Whatever it is, have a wonderful time!!