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Our town recently held their annual rodeo parade – during the rodeo weekend, of course.

I just finished going through the pictures.

I’ll share some with you later.

But, first I must say …

I love a parade!

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to break out in song.    …   OK, I am, but you won’t know because you can’t hear me.   …  But, if you want to sing along  …)

I grew up going to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California with my family.

It was something of a family tradition.

My parents had the details down to a science – where to park, where to stand, what to bring   …

…  Comfortable clothes – warm clothes for those chilly days, cooler clothes for warmer days, …

… and drinks and snacks – hot chocolate in a thermos for chilly weather, something nice and icy cold for the hot weather.

Comfort and food … the secret to keeping children happy … and therefore ensuring happy parents.  Everybody wins!

As a child, there is so much to marvel at and fun music to listen to.

When I was a child, my parents’ enthusiasm made the parade even better.

When I started my own family and started taking my children to parades I discovered how much fun it is to take a child and watch their reaction as they marvel like only a child can.

And I’ve learned over the years, that a parade is only as much fun as you make it.

You can’t just sit there and expect to be entertained.

You’re there to wave back.  Yell to anyone you might know.  Clap and dance to the music.

Enjoy it with someone else.  Be there to support the area, the community, the reason for the parade … it’s a celebration!


Parades can be so fun!!