As promised …

I wanted to share some pictures, observations, and thoughts from our small town’s recent rodeo weekend parade.

There are so many things about our small town specifically, and small town life in general.

And then I think there are some things that I think draw my attention just because I am a California city girl living in a small Texas town.

It’s a different world.

Very different.

I love these pictures of the locals lined up along the sidewalk. The baby and I are in this picture, but I can’t tell you where because my thighs look ginormous. It’s disturbing.  …  This has been a public service announcement.

I also love all the store fronts.  There’s history here.  And it’s beautiful.

Again … more locals … and that’s what small town is all about  … it’s fantastic.

In particular, I love the group of kiddos waving.

My favorite part of this pictures is the girl sitting on the curb, wearing her boots and her dad (or whoever that was that was with her) standing behind her in the overalls and hat.

I imagine her running around playing at home right before her dad called – Let’s load up in the truck!  I don’t know if they have a truck.  I don’t even know them.  But there are a lot (A LOT) of trucks around these here parts.  And when you arrive from the city, it’s one of those things you just can’t help but notice.  “Cain’t”  And people say, “load up”.  They just do.

And then there is another view of the buildings that line the main streets in town.  More history.  More beauty.

What a great way to start a small town rodeo weekend parade.

The horses.

The riders.

The flags.

Is there nothing perfect about this?

And another old building in the background.

They just don’t make things like they used to.

And what you can’t see, what I didn’t think to take a picture of, was that every single person was standing, hats removed, hand over their heart, as they rode by and our national anthem played.

Last year’s rodeo queen and junior rodeo queen.

I had to have a picture of the queen’s outfit.  You just don’t see a lot of that walking around a big city.

Do you see the smoke in the background?

The Boy Scouts held their annual BBQ after the parade.  It smelled SO good!  And I was there without a single penny in my pocket.  I almost had to run past it.  I still have dreams about it.  And then I wake up drooling.

And see the people sitting on the tailgate of their truck?

There was a whole lot of that going on.

Who’d ‘of thunk trucks could be so versatile, so handy.

Not me.

At all.

This float is from a neighboring town.

We don’t have anything so fancy in our town.

And it is an actual float.

Our town is more of a “load up in the truck” or a “hitch the trailer to the truck” kind of town.

I included this one, just because I think they did such a great job on it!

No fancy new car for parade dignitaries.

No expensive, restored, classic.

Just load up in the truck!

Keepin’ it real.

Our Papa in his Mustang.

We are all so in love with Papa.

You would be, too.

These ladies were a hit with the little girls sitting near me.

I heard they were at the rodeo.

But, I wouldn’t know.

Texas Guy won’t take me to it.

He won’t go anywhere in public with me.

I just don’t understand it.

The local high school cheerleaders.

It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Followed by the high school band.

A definite parade must!!

I just wish they would wear their uniforms.

It packs a bigger punch.

It’s all about the show, people!

Isn’t this a fantastic float … er … I mean, trailer hitched to a pick up?!

I really like this one.

So appropriate looking for the rodeo parade from a farm bureau.

And still so … sparkly … and parade like.

And here they are … the Plungerettes!

This must be one of my most favorite parts of our parades!!

I saw them the first parade we went to just two months after we moved here   …  marching with their plungers all decorated with ribbons and sparkle   …  and these ladies have got some moves!

I don’t know who they are or how to join, but the moment I saw them I told Texas Guy, “Some day I will be a Plungerette!!!”

This is a nearby cowboy church group.

Their float was fantastic!!!

The wagon wheels were attached so that they would ride along on the ground.  Brilliant!

The most ingenious part of the design, in my opinion … all that glorious shade for the float riders!!!

And for fun, a group of them “rode” behind the wagon on their stick horses!

Young and old-er alike!

Oh, and I love all their vests.

Very unifying.

Pulls it all together with style.

Then as far as the eye could see  …  horses.

The baby kept holding her arms outstretched and called to them all.

This must have been my most favorite “float”!

It is a store that sells used items.

Isn’t it awesome!!

I’m trying to remember if they won an award.

I really hope so   …  because the only entry I remember listed in the paper that won for something had me thinking  …  Why in the world did they win?!  Who judges these things?!

And, lastly, I had to share this …

local Master Gardeners  …  each wearing a black glove with a big green thumb on it.

How fun is that?!

When is your towns next parade?

Don’t miss it!

Parades are fun!