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There’s just something about music.

It’s so powerful.

It affects everything  …








And no one is immune from the powers of music.

No matter what age they are.

For that very reason, music is one of my most favorite tools for myself, personally, as well as in my mom-arsenal.

Specifically, as a mom   …   If the kids, or everyone in the house, needs an attitude adjustment … music can do that!

And the beautiful thing about it is that it can be done with very little effort from mom!


Just find the right music and turn it on.

Do you ever have a kiddo that’s cranky and moody?

Turn on something fun and upbeat.

The power of the music is hard to resist.

I have one little one that tended to find a funky mood as a toddler.  Well meaning and loving efforts from me and the other siblings seem to bring on more resistance than anything.  But, if I just turned on some music and went about my business, out of the corner of my eye I could watch the music work its magic.  Beautiful!

Need to motivate a slow poke?

I will always remember one magical day with a 14-year-old that was in no mood to clean up and had a bad attitude to boot, a 12-year-old that wasn’t feeling motivated or energetic about the chores at hand, a 2-year-old that was always in a good and positive mood (thank goodness), and a baby due very soon.  I had tried everything I could think of to get the group moving and was quickly running out of what little energy a very, very pregnant woman has.  And then this song popped into my head.  (The Lord was there to help me out!)  I went online and looked up Yakety Yak by The Coasters and immediately had the entire bunch happy, smiling, laughing with each other, and moving … quickly!  It became a favorite of ours and was oftentimes requested when we all had chores to do.

On days when the weather prevents us from playing outside, or for some reason or another we just need to get moving, we love to turn on some music and dance!

When I wanted to help little ones chill out a little and wind down for bed, music really helps set the mood.

And when we are learning something, music is a fun way to help that info sink in.  It works for any subject.  You’d be surprised at what you can find online!

And music works just as well, for all the same reasons, for us grown ups!  How fantastic is that?!?!

Aaaaand … you can usually find it where ever you are thanks to our computers, cell phones, and on the radio – at home or on the go!

And if you can’t find any music … just make your own.

Of course, on the flip side, music can have a negative affect on us.  So, especially for us grown ups, pay attention to the music and the lyrics that you have playing.  It will affect your mood and your attitude and then, as a result, your actions.

Remember  …  the power of music  …

And watch it work wonders for you!!!