While laying down with the baby as she fell asleep, I was on my phone catching up on news when I came across an article that had me laughing!

I wanted to share it with you … but by the time she fell asleep, and I got up and checked the house for any clean up that hadn’t gotten done yet … etc etc etc  …  I forgot all about it.

I remembered the article yesterday when I sat down to blog.  But it took me forever to find it again.  For starters, I couldn’t remember where I had read it!  …  Why, oh why, didn’t I email a link to myself?!  And by forever, I didn’t find it until last night while I was laying down with the baby again.  …  And that’s why I never got around to blogging yesterday.

Anyway …

The article is about cell phone etiquette in movie theaters … sort of … or it might be more about a voice mail left by an unhappy customer.

I don’t want to tell you any more than that.  The guy that wrote this article did a great job!  So, it’s better if I just stop “talking” and let you read it for your self!



Perhaps the Alamo needs to warn filmgoers that it’ll be dark during the movie – John Kelso, Austin American Statesman

Once you’ve read the article  …

… and read the article first, I think you’ll be glad you did, …

… come back here and check out this blog post on the theater’s blog …

She texted.  We kicked her out. – Tim League, Alamo Blog