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Recently I shared with you my thoughts on the power of music in our lives.

I was speaking specifically about music in the most typical, or traditional, sense.

But, Miss M constantly reminds me that there is always music to be heard.

Since birth … or, quite possibly before birth based on when she really got moving around in utero … we have noticed that she has a real ear for music.

As an infant, she would stop to listen intently to music.  And she would hear music in the background that the rest of us had not noticed until she did.

After a few months, she would hear music and move to the rhythm.

But, it’s not just music that she seemed so tuned in to.

It’s all sounds that sound rhythmic.

I was reminded of that the other day.

I was doing stuff in the laundry room and set her on the washing machine in front of me while I used my hands for something else.

(I, of course, stayed right in front of her where I could grab her quickly if need be.   …  Don’t leave those babies unsafe and unattended.  …  Even for a minute!  …  They are quick little buggers!   …   And don’t even think about fooling yourself into thinking that you are faster than them.  …  It’s not likely.   …  This has been a public service announcement, thank you for your kind attention.)

As soon as I set her down, her ears tuned into the rhythm of the washer as it agitated the load of clothes and she began to dance.

And, I was reminded once again that the music in our life is sometimes not “music” at all.

But, it would be a shame to miss this kind of music.

This blessed part of our little world.