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I knew what I wanted to share with you today.

But, then life got away from me.

So …as my day starts to wind down, I decided to share something else … something faster.

Because something is better than nothing.


As I write this, I realize what I am about to share with you, what the girls and I are doing, is truly the opposite of a helpful pre-bedtime activity.


We have the music up loud and are grooving to one of our most favorite groups  …  Go Fish Guys!!!

I don’t know who loves their music more – the kids or me!

I wonder if they have posters that I can tape up to my walls?



Forgot what decade this is.  …  And that I’m no longer living in my parents’ house.

We stumbled across this group one day when Sweet Pea was trying to remember the 10 Commandments.

Like I mentioned before, I love to find songs that help the kids remember things.

(I’m a product of the Schoolhouse Rock era.  It was a great time to be a kid!)

So, in our search we found this song …

It was perfect for what we needed.  We loved it.

But, then we found so much more!

Kickin’ It Old School has a different sound.

And we love it!

Love it!!

(Did I say that already?)

The girls really like this next one!

And any song that sings the praises of moms is a good song in my book! 😉

And Bible Book Bop always gets requested around here!


Check them out for yourself … and get groovin’!!

(Kiddos not required.  😉   …   So, kiddos or not, this one has me swinging around the room!!  Turn it up loud and join me!!)