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Lately, about 1:30am, every morning, Miss M wakes up.  I have no idea why.


I’d rather be sleeping.  I really like my sleep.

I really really like my sleep.

As in a good 8 – 10 hours a night.

Starting around 10pm … or, preferably, later.

Which means I like my solid 8 – 10 hours of sleep to go well past sunrise each morning.

I like the sun to be up and ready for me to start my day.  …  Not the other way around!

That said, I’ve never really achieved my preferred sleep schedule.

School, jobs, babies, children, motherhood  …  None of these accommodate me.


I also don’t like my sleep interrupted.

Growing up in Southern California in 19-something-or-other, we were told that the safest place during an earthquake is in a doorway.  (This is now outdated advice as it turns out this really is not at all where you want to be.  So, please don’t go to a doorway in the event of an earthquake.  …  That is my disclaimer.  …  Thank you for reading.)  As a youngster, a youngun’, a kiddo, if the earthquake didn’t feel too impressive (and none of the ones that hit our area when I was a child where too terrible), I would stay in bed and try to go back to sleep immediately hoping to possibly call it an uninterrupted night’s sleep.  My sister, on the other hand, was younger, and more concerned, and clearly did not value a good night’s sleep like I did.  So, she would stand (or sit) in our doorway at the bottom of my bed and call to me to get up and seek cover and safety with her.  I would try to ignore her and go back to sleep … reassure her of my safety and go back to sleep … give in and groggily (I don’t think that’s a word) and grumbly (also not a word, but when I throw caution to the wind I’m a rebel) drag myself to the doorway, ride out the earthquake, then drag myself back to my lovely bed awaiting with open sheets and the promise of sweet slumber, and mutter a good night to my sister (who I would love for being so caring and concerned … later, in the morning, after my sleep).

I like my sleep uninterrupted.   …  A solid 8 – 10 hours.  And uninterrupted.

In theory.

I’ve rarely had the opportunity to try my theory out.

So, the other morning, at the fateful hour of 1:30, I laid Miss M back in her bed and laid down with her until she fell asleep.

While waiting for her to fall asleep, I troll the world wide web on my phone.  I check email, social network, read the news, check the weather for signs of precipitation falling in the forms of drops (or buckets, I’m not picky, we’re in the midst of a drought) or temps in less than triple digits.  All to ensure I don’t fall asleep with her.

I could just pull her into our bed and sack right out.

It’s so easy.  And a faster way to the land of slumber.

And I do love sleeping with my babies.  Amidst the pros and despite the cons of co-sleeping.  Sweet Pea and Bug slept with me until they were two.  But at the time, I wasn’t sharing my bed with anyone else.  Just the baby and I.  And that brings us to the con that we currently face.

Just one little person can take up as much space as 4 adults!! With their head shoved against one person and their feet pushing on the other, leaving both adults desperately clinging to the very edge of the bed while wondering how someone who isn’t yet house-trained and can’t speak a full sentence has taken over their entire lives!

Texas Guy just loves to pull Miss M into our bed, snuggle up, and fall back asleep.  It is lovely.  But, the other night when I he did that, I got up and began to pick her up and take her back to her bed like I usually do.  He asks, with surprise and confusion, “Where are you taking her?!”

I then have to remind him that she needs to sleep in her own bed.  That we sleep in a full size bed.  Which is nice and cozy for two.  But we are now 2 ½.  Soon to be 3.  And Miss M will soon throw our cozy-for-two bed over capacity.  He says, again with surprise and confusion, “2 ½?!”  I briefly remind him of the ½.   …  It’s not like I didn’t tell him.  I did.  For crying out loud.  …  And I couldn’t hide a pregnancy to save my life!  Then I took Miss M back to her room.

And that’s how I ended up laying awake, trolling the world wide web at 2 in the morning.

And that’s when our little ½ woke up and began squirming and moving around.

And that’s when Miss M feel asleep.

And that’s when I crawled back into my comfy bed with little ½ wide awake and having a party en utero.

And so I continued to lay there trolling the world wide web, trying not to begrudge Texas Guy as he slept peacefully, waiting for another one to fall back to sleep so I could too.

Someday, I will get a full night’s uninterrupted sleep.


Well, meanwhile, I get to gaze at this …