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We are in the middle of a drought  …

…  with record high temps.

I am not a fan of hot hot summers.

I’m reading about records from the 1950’s and some as far back as the 1800’s that our current conditions are similar to!

About 3 weeks before the first day of summer, Texas Guy came home from work and said,

I’m ready for winter.

I had to tell him that we hadn’t even started summer yet.  Winter is a long ways away.

He was not happy to hear that.

This is going to be a loooooonnngg summer.

Yesterday, I saw a news headline that read: August heat on it’s way

The first sentence said: The hottest month of the year in Texas begins tomorrow, and local forecasts say this August won’t disappoint.

I have no idea what the rest of the article said.

I just couldn’t bring myself to read any more.

Then Miss M walked by me  …

Momma, I know I was born a Texan, but I’m no dummy.  I’m outta here!

I’ll see you later when you and Daddy come to your senses.

I was both heartbroken and proud at the same time.

Later that night I checked the weather.

Maybe I could reason with her.

Wait for me, precious girl!!  I just need to pack my toothbrush!