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I woke up this morning after a fairly good night’s sleep (which is a blessing in and of itself!) just as dawn was beginning to break.

It’s that time of the morning when the soft glow of morning’s light begins to spill  over the horizon and cast a slight and gentle glow into my bedroom.

Now, before I go on any further, let me assure you   …   aliens have not (I repeat, have not) kidnapped me and replaced my body with a morning-loving clone.

I am still so very much, so very very much, not at all, in the slightest, despite whatever may lay somewhere over the rainbow, am not a morning person.  Not at all.

But, that doesn’t prevent me from seeing the beauty that morning has to offer.   …  Even if my view is from behind the veil of a true night owl.

Aneeewaaay …

I woke up (a little, not completely) and was able to notice the faint glow of dawn and appreciate it in my groggy sleepy state as my Miss M lay beside me (after coming into our room about an hour earlier) and just as Texas Guy came in to kiss me, Miss M, and the baby goodbye.

Yesterday was busy.  A bit worrisome.  A little stressful.  With the appointment to check on the baby – where I was scheduled for a consult regarding an ultrasound but not the ultrasound itself with the hopes that they could do the ultrasound while we were already there in the big city, and of course the news about the baby, all hanging in the balance.  With the appointment regarding my thyroid mass – where I was scheduled for a consult regarding a biopsy with the hopes that they would do the biopsy right then while Texas Guy had already taken time off from work and while I was hoping to get it done and over with and putting me one step and a few days closer to pathology results.  And with almost a couple of hours to spare in between.

The baby looked good.  It is too far along in the pregnancy to look for signs of Downs Syndrome so we will just have to wait and see.  Everything else looks healthy.  And, the other news everyone has been waiting for, after a streak of 4 girls and 1 granddaughter (all of which currently live with us), we are expecting A BOY!!

Texas Guy is so happy.

So very very happy.

He loves his girls.  But, it sure would be nice to throw a boy into the mix for a change.

The thyroid mass appointment turned out to be a consult and nothing else.  I was so hopeful to have the biopsy done and over with, with just the results to deal with.  I was so disappointed.  However, it does give me time to pray.  A friend of mine told me she was going to pray that the Lord take the mass away.  Why in the world didn’t I think of that?!  I have always prayed that it remain benign.  But, I have no idea why I didn’t pray for Him to just remove it all together.  I know that He can.  So, there it is.  I have learned something new from it all.

Then, with our time between appointments, we met with Jaime for brunch.   …   I was so very very hungry.  I had not yet eaten.  And I am not the kind of girls that misses a meal!  …  And, we always like to see Jaime.

Then, with a bit more time, Texas Guy, a huge fan of movies, decided we should go see a movie.  I, however, would have preferred to do something else.  Something that involved a little more activity.  A bit of walking, though not too much.  But, not sitting uncomfortably in a theater seat for hours.  I’m not a fan of inactivity, but discomfort is always worse when I’m pregnant.  I also would have preferred to spend some time visiting with Texas Guy.  It has been many months, a few years, a long time with him working 6 – 7 days a week, 12 – 15 hour days.  That schedule and a house full of children, doesn’t afford us a lot of time with each other.  And I’m starting to feel the effects of this lack of connection.  But, Texas Guy does love his movies.  And it is what he always suggests that we do together.  So, off we ran to catch the next showing of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Now, after finally filling my empty stomach with food and waiting for it to hit my system and revive me, I told Texas Guy to just pick a movie, any movie.  I wasn’t thinking it through and certainly not enough to explain to him that in the midst of this busy day with so much hanging in the balance, my system would fare much better with something less action packed.  Something a bit more mellow.  Something with less of a world-ending-possibility storyline.  Something a bit more pleasant and enjoyable.  Halfway through the movie I was so uncomfortable it was becoming more and more difficult to follow the movie, let alone enjoy it.  I found myself checking the time and wondering if I should just go sit in the truck until it was over.  Whatever happened to those reclining theater seats?  That might have helped.

Between the ultrasound appointment, the thyroid appointment, and the Autobots battling the Decepticons in an effort to save our planet earth and the entire human race  …  it was an exhausting, intense, and stressful day.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but still a bit wound up.  …  The health of my baby, the question of my own health, and the possibility of our world as we know it ending in total control of Decepticons is a lot in one day.  A lot!  I didn’t think I would be able to sleep well, if at all.

So, …. back to my morning  …

I was pleased to wake to find I had slept better than I thought I would.

After sleepily saying goodbye to Texas Guy, I wanted to fall back to sleep in my cozy sheets next to my cuddly Miss M before the sun fully broke through across the morning sky.

No luck.


So, I stumbled myself out of bed, started a load of laundry, and contemplating painting my nails.  The kiddos were all still asleep and after yesterday it would have done my heart good to treat myself to freshly painted nails.

I then discovered that I can barely reach my toes.  Drat.  I think I may have pulled a muscle trying.  …  Have I mentioned how very not sexy pregnancy seems to me and how little good it does for my self-image and self-esteem?  Not being able to reach my own toes really helps that all plummet.

So, I moved on, nails unpainted, to start a load of laundry (not as soul soothing as doing something nice for myself).

And decided that I would take advantage of the peace and quiet to put my blog post together.

I sat down at the computer with a bowl of corn flakes   …  and then, one by one, the children woke and stumbled out of their bedrooms.

Two hours later, two loads of laundry through the washer, and little bellies full of breakfast, I am finished with my post.

The amazing, and oftentimes unexpected, adventures of life usually includes laundry.