Here’s something I’ve had on my mind for a little while now.

And so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

And if you haven’t left me yet, maybe you wont now.


Here it is …

Am I the only one that finds it just a little bit freaky that public toilets have sensors that “sense” the presence of my butt?!?!

I just think it’s flat-out weird.

Which leads me to my next thought …

I once read a tip somewhere by a mom whose child doesn’t like using public toilets that flush automatically.  And I can’t blame the child.  Because, for some reason, the sensors don’t sense tiny tushies as well.  Which means that while using the toilet that the children are trying to avoid falling into because it is larger than they really need it to be, the toilet which is most likely louder than the ones they are used to and have water whooshing around with more force than the toilets they are used to and all this is going on while they are still sitting on it – yikes!  So, this mom keeps a little pad of post-it notes in her purse and sticks one over the sensor so it wont flush while her child is on it.

Is that absolutely brilliant, or what?!

I just might start doing that myself.

I certainly don’t have a tiny tushy problem.

But those sensors freak me out.

Oh.  I said that already.

Which leads me to my next thought …

I once heard that the stall in a public restroom that is most likely to be the cleanest and best stocked (which means no – “Uh, pardon me … would you please pass some toilet paper under the wall for me? … Please?”) is the first stall.   I don’t remember where I heard this, what kind of data they acquired to determine this, or even why someone took the time to find out.  All that is irrelevant though. What really matters is that this little bit of trivia has been taking up residence in my brain for years.  From what I remember, it has something to do with this – apparently, humans, or our society, or something like that, cannot stop at the first option, the first choice, the first stall in the bathroom because we need to know if it is the best option, we think there might be something better ahead, so we skip the first stall or two, we may even look as we walk by and it may be perfectly acceptable, but we just keep going.  Isn’t that interesting?

Well, I thought it was.

And so since this is my blog …

And all I really have to offer to you is whatever is rattling around in my brain …

I’m sharing it with you now.

…  To those of you that made it to the very end here …

… Thanks for sticking around with me!!