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While Texas Guy and I were running around for my doctor appointments the other day, Baby Girl was home with all the little ones.

She’s always been a fantastic big sister.  And I love seeing the kind of mother she is now.

She makes sure everyone is taken care of and that there is time for at least a little fun  …  and everyone feels loved.

So, while running here and there, Baby Girl and I would text each other from time to time.

(Although that’s nothing unusual.  We text each other all the time anyway.  Even when we are in the same house.  …  Is that weird?)

At one point she text me to say that she had taught Sweet Pea and Bug to play 21.

I told her that was fantastic!  That we should call that basic math skills review for the day!   I’m really focusing on a strong basic math foundation for them right now.  I love homeschooling!!

And here’s what she text back to me …

That’s what I thought!!  We went through the whole deck.  They had fun.  But we didn’t do the betting.  I didn’t feel like explaining that bluffing isn’t lying.  Haha!

That just cracked me up!!

I hadn’t thought of that as I was reading her text.  Though I would have done the same thing and skipped the betting part.

But, in the midst of my crazy day, it was fun to get a good laugh!!