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During our busy day earlier this week that I keep telling you about (a lot happened … I have had much to share) we met Jaime for brunch.

Neither Texas Guy nor I had eaten breakfast before we left so early in the morning before the sun woke up for the ultrasound appointment in the big city.

So, by the time it was finished and we had a spare moment to think, all we knew was that we were hungry.

I was about to fall over.

So, we text Jaime, started driving in a general direction, and eventually ended up at the same place.

A place that serves food!

Once we got ourselves settled, our food ordered, and it had arrived, the three of us prepared to pray before we dug in.

Jaime and I voted that Texas Guy pray.

I always vote that Texas Guy prays.

I love to sit next to him at the table, holding his hand, with my mind and heart quiet for a moment, and listen to him as he says grace.

One evening, when we had friends over for dinner, after Texas Guy had prayed, one of our guests said something about how he sounded like a regular preacher and if our pastor ever needed someone to fill in, Texas Guy was the man to call.

And that’s the way many of our evening prayers before dinner sound.

So, there we were at this restaurant, with our food in front of us, heads bowed, and I settle in to listen to Texas Guy.

Part way through his prayer I hear him say something like … Lord, we pray that, uh, you know, that …

I was surprised.

His prayers are usually so eloquent.

Afterwards, I turned to him and, trying not to laugh and not very successfully suppressing a smile, said, “Babe.  Did you just “you know” God?”

He said, “Yeah.  But it’s ok.  He knows what I mean.”

As much as that moment made me giggle, Texas Guy is right.

He does know what we mean when we talk to Him.

And it doesn’t have to be the eloquent prayers that Texas Guy often says.

It just needs to be us, speaking from the heart  …

…  even if that includes an “uh” or “you know”.

There’s no right or wrong.

There’s no need to be perfect.

Because He does know.

How cool is that?!