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A Bandaid, a bellybutton, and a book report walk into a bar.

Haha! I’m joking. That’s not where I was going with this at all. But it was all I could think of after I typed the title. And if I didn’t share it with you, I would have been stuck there and unable to move forward.

No, really, this is just one of my posts that include a plethora of unrelated items that I feel inclined to share with you.

I know! I can hear you asking – Whhyyyyy?!

I don’t know why. … Heck, I’m not even sure why you read my blog!! … But I sure am glad you do!! … Otherwise it would be like me talking to myself.  …  Which would be weird … if I hadn’t already been doing that for the past 20 years.

So, here’s what a wanted to share with you …

A Bandaid –

The drain in our tub no longer lifts when the knobby thing is turned.  It’s a rather old tub and the drain is as well.  (Yet, I still love older homes!)  We have currently resorted to using Texas Guy’s sizeable “pocket” knife to pry the plug out of the drain once the tub is full of water and whatever soap and hair products have rinsed from the 3 to 4 children that all get bathed together at once.  (It’s the easiest way … aside from running them all through the car wash.)

So, a couple of nights ago, after running 4 monkeys through the tub and putting them all in bed, I patrolled the house for whatever needed to be cleaned up before I put my feet up for the day.  And that’s when I saw the still-full tub.  Texas Guy will drain it for me.  And usually without too much complaint.  But he had already put his feet up for the day while I was still waddling myself around cleaning up and this kind of thing makes me cranky.  So, after a very busy day, and my biopsy results the next morning on my mind, it seemed easier to me to just drain the thing myself than try to find the right words and the right tone that allowed me to address this little situation with Texas Guy and still stay within the realm of “kind and loving”.

So, I got the knife and while leaning over the edge of the tub, big pregnant belly and all, I managed to pull the drain out.  A couple attempts after the knife slipped and cut into my thumb.  Fortunately, it hit my nail as well, slicing into my nail a little bit stopping the knife from cutting too deeply into my thumb.

And here’s what I really wanted to share with you … I now have a bandaid on my thumb.  And, apparently, my phone’s screen does not detect the presence of my bandaid covered thumb.  This makes texting difficult as I’m used to texting with my thumb and then had to use one thumb and one forefinger.  Which now changes how I hold my phone while I’m texting.  But, it’s not like I could go through the day without texting.  That would be preposterous.  And even though I was texting Baby Girl, who happened to be home from her run, I didn’t know she was home.  And even if I had known, I still most likely would have text her anyway.  That’s what I do.  And to not would be absurd.  (Certainly not the other way around.)

Who would have thought, the impact a bandaid can create!

A Bellybutton –

Last night, before the whole bathtub-knife-bandaid-texting thing, I fed the monkeys spaghetti for dinner.  I removed Miss M’s shirt because this kind of thing can get messy.  And it was store-bought sauce which, for some reason I have yet to put my finger on, has a super staining property that stains clothing, children’s skin, and highchairs a curious shade of orange.  (It’s one more reason why I love my homemade sauce.)  So, brilliant momma that I am, I removed her shirt and saved it from stains [read: extra laundry effort on my part … it’s all about how lazy I can be. 😉 ].  When she was finished, I removed food that had fallen between the highchair tray, her little body, and the bib.  When I picked her up I noticed I had missed a noodle that had somehow found its way into her bellybutton with just the end hanging out.  HAHA!!  It was quite a sight!  And I did consider taking a picture.  But, then I remembered that before I know it, she will be at the table voting on which nursing home to put me in.  I want her to be kind.  That photo might give me (and you) a good laugh now.  But, it may come back around to bite me in the butt.  …  So, you’re left to your imagination.

A Book Report –

About a week ago, we discovered Half Price Books.  Though I had heard of them and seen them when we are in the city, none of us had ever been to one.  But, it was a dream of mine.  I am a book lover!!  So, we took the girls and let them choose a few books.  I am such a fan of Half Price Books now!!

(I may even try to convince Texas Guy to let me name the baby after the store.  He totally shot down the name IKEA with the last baby.  So, my odds don’t look great.  …  I may try anyway.)

For under $20, the girls walked out with a handful of books.  And they’ve had their noses in them ever since.  Being a book lover, I derive so much happiness from seeing them enjoy reading!

Sweet Pea’s enthusiasm and ability towards reading took a real dive when we decided to stop homeschooling and put her in a local school.  I was heartbroken to see it.  She no longer enjoyed reading, did it only when required by school assignment, her reading comprehension had dropped, her ability to read aloud had regressed, and she was certain that she could not check out books from the library (just for fun) if it was above her reading level (which had been set very low for a number of reasons that I won’t get into here).   …  Since we resumed home schooling, and removed the concept of reading levels, all of the above that I mentioned has improved dramatically.  But, my most favorite part …  is seeing her read, just for fun!

Our Bug is a voracious reader.  While at the bookstore, she has trouble browsing and choosing a book, but rather finds one and just starts reading until she’s finished – at which time she starts another one.  And, now with more time as a home schooled kid, she has her nose in a book much more often.  One of the books she chose was a collection of princess stories.  But not that highly advertised collection of well-known princesses.  They were more in the form of fables.

Last night, after the whole spaghetti-bellybutton-bathtub-knife-bandaid-texting thing, I had put all the monkeys in bed and left the older two to their evening bedtime reading.  After a while, Bug came in to tell me she had finished her new book and then proceeded to give me a fantastic oral book report on her most favorite of the stories.

I was so impressed.  And I was so happy to see her enjoyment for reading!  …  One of the best $1 ever spent!