Today I snuck in a little time to do something for myself.

I have a lot on my To Do list.

What else is new?!

But, while Miss M was napping, I painted my nails.

It’s not all I did.

I also sat at the computer and dug up ideas that Baby Girl might be able to use to re-purpose a hideous bedroom set that we acquired.

My nails are usually longer.  But due to some unfortunate breaks I’ve trimmed them all short.  …  I don’t mind.  Long or short.  They grow quickly enough that it doesn’t really matter.

But, for my shorter nails, I was really in the mood for something light … delicate.  I don’t have the color I wanted, so I went with these …

A first coat of La-Paz-Itively Hot and a second coat of Princesses Rule.

I love the top coat.  It’s great for Spring and Summer and for me, a child of the 70’s and 80’s, reminds me of Candie’s shoes, those jellies plastic shoes, lots of shiny plastic/vinyl/whatever-it-was long skinny belts, and lip gloss.

But, it is much brighter a color to reflect my mood.  So, I tried to tone it down a little with the second coat.

I hate the name.  Anything “princess” makes me want to … like … oh ma gaawd, gag me with a spoon.  But I love love love all the sparkle!  It is one of my most favorite nail polishes.  It’s beautiful going on.  It looks like a magical veil.  When I look down the length of my nail, the sparkle is minimal.

(I wish the pics conveyed this better than it does. … I also wish it didn’t convey just how ugly my hands are.)

When I look straight at it, it looks covered in magic.

And in this drought, it reminds me of a window covered in a light drizzle.  (This drought has me delusional and seeing things! … Help me!)

I even painted my toenails!

I think I may have pulled a muscle.

It was not graceful.

I’m glad you couldn’t see me.

This might be the last time I paint my toenails until after that baby arrives.  And after life returns to normal things like daily showers.

Early on in my youth, when the earth’s crust was still cooling, I was not good at painting my nails.  And the nail polish we had in the house was not as user-friendly as the stuff I buy these days.

Somewhere between then and now I realized that I can slap the stuff on and not stress it getting anywhere surrounding my nail.  Here’s why … I discovered, that at the end of my next shower, I could rub over the polish that had ended up on my skin instead of my nail with a washcloth or another nail and it would just rub right off leaving a perfect looking polish job.  …  Lazy? Yes. But it works and I’m more than ok with that, I’m thrilled!

So, now, you know why my nail polish job looks so sloppy.  I did that on purpose!

I won’t be offended if you don’t ask me to paint your nails for you.

Later, Miss M woke up and noticed my nails.  It’s been about a month since I’ve painted them.  So, I think it seems new to her.  …  She kept touching them … then looking at her finger to see if it wiped off.


I later realized that my new nail polish combination happens to match my underwear today!

I love when my underwear coordinates with … something else.    …   Please tell me I’m not the only one.   …   OK, please, just don’t tell me if I am the only one.    …   Because it really does bring me great joy!!

Now, back to my To Do list   …   with a little spring in my step … or at least a little more enthusiasm from my fingers.

I hope you find a little time to do something good for yourself today.

(I love O.P.I. for their colors, sometimes the names, and very much for what is NOT in their nail colors.  Do you know what’s in your nail polish?  You might want to check.  … But, O.P.I. has no idea who I am, I just use their products and then they end up on my blog when I share them with you.  That’s all.)