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At the wee hours of the morning, before the sun had brightened the room … or, probably anything … Miss M woke up.

Then, gradually … well, within a matter of minutes, so maybe not so gradually … everyone else in the house woke up.  With her help.

As I lay there wondering wwwwhyyyy the child was awake before the sun itself, I realized that she has been waking up at 6:30am for a few days in a row now and it is probably time to recognize that I have, yet another, early riser on my hands.

Now, I am not, not, at all, by any means, a morning person.  This, I have told you before.  I believe I have a severe morning allergy.  Days should begin after 10:30 .. ish … in my opinion.  And Daylight Savings Time in the Fall is my most favorite day of the entire year – I kid you  not.  It’s like an hour-long snooze button!!  Glorious!  I hear the heavens sing out when the day draws near!

Since I was en utero, I was not a morning person and encouraged my poor mother to sleep in for the only time in her life.  As a child I mastered the art of throwing a stuffed animal at my alarm clock so as to knock the battery out of the back – while barely rousing myself from my sleep state.  I have mastered incorporating alarms into my dreams so that I may continue my blissful state of slumber.   …   And then, after early mornings for school and work, I relished the day I became a “stay-at-home” mother with visions of sleeping in dancing through my head.

Are you laughing at me now?

Yes, 5 children later and not a one of them share my nocturnal tendencies.  There must be a bad gene in the gene pool somewhere.

And, before you suggest that I put them in bed later so they will sleep in … it doesn’t work.  Not for a single one of them.  Not once in over 20 years.  They still wake up at the crack of what-time-is-it-I-can’t-tell-when-it’s-dark-in-here-because-the-sun-is-still-sleeping-for-crying-out-loud!!

Bud and Baby Girl used to set their alarms an hour earlier than necessary, willingly going to bed an hour earlier so as to still get enough sleep, just so they could visit with each other before heading off to school where they were begrudgingly forced to spend the day apart.  Starting when they were very young.  How is that normal?!?!?!

Sweet Pea is a serious morning person.  No alarm needed.  Since birth, the child is up at the crack of you-know-what and ready for bed just as early.  We actually had to move our family’s dinner time up to 5:00pm to make sure she was able to eat with the family and still get in bed before she fell asleep!!

Bug.  My sweet Bug.  I think she actually is a night owl like her momma.  That dear sweet child of mine.  …  But, alas, she could not resist the sounds of her sister and friend Sweet Pea who was up bright and early each morning.  Yet, again, the call of siblings, that strong bond that makes it hard for my kids to resist time with each other.  …  We did share a few mornings of sleeping in.  But, those days are gone.  She has adjusted.  …  And it was probably just as well when Sweet Pea, at the age of almost 3, woke me up to say she needed a bandaid and I found that she had decided she wanted an apple, peeled, and nearly wacked off the top of her thumb and was gushing blood!  Gushing!  First things first, I told her to keep her thumb away from the white couch.  …  It’s true.  I’m that kind of mother.  …  So, I packed up my dreams of sleeping in.

I don’t think Miss M is exactly a morning person.  She wakes in the morning hours.  Yet, she has always, since birth, spent her mornings in a sleepy fog.  I know how she feels.

And, the little one that is on his way moves more than any other child I have ever carried.  Much more.  There’s more than a little fear here that I will not be able to keep up with this one that is “… all boy!” as the ultrasound tech put it … and is related to his father – obviously.  If you’re a praying person, I am not at all opposed to you throwing this momma into your prayers.  I may need them!  …  Either way, though, with a house full of kiddos up before the sun, and Texas Guy who still has denied each and every one of my requests for a morning sleep in while he juggles the monkeys for once (just as I have done for him too many times to count), it wouldn’t matter if the little guy was a night owl.  I’d still have to get up … or hide the peeler.  (Why do I have it anyway?!  I don’t even think I use it!)

So, even though it is not for me to ask why … I will still, likely, start each morning asking, “Wwhhyyyy, Lord?!  Wwwhhyyyyy?!?!”

…  I sat down today to blog about the girls’ first day of school.  …  Before I got sidetracked with this tangent.  …  But, that’s how this blogging thing works for me.  …  Whatever is in my head.  …  A scary thought, isn’t it?!

OK, so just so I don’t feel like my goal was lost …

We started school today.

Because I am the master of the universe … oh, wait, that’s not me … (and, by the way, it’s not He-Man either) …

Because I am master of our school schedule, I like school to start in September.  And after Labor Day.  It just seems right.  …  And, really, the world might just be in less turmoil if schools began in September once again.  …  Just a thought.

The girls have been so very very excited!  They have been counting down the days.  (Which didn’t stress me out in the least as I was desperately trying to accomplish all of my grand goals by last night.  …  Which I didn’t get done.  …  My goals are grand!)

And so we begin … another school year … another set of adventures … more goals … more plans … more wins and more fails … more learning … more growing … more mornings.