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Oh boy!

I feel like I’m just now emerging from a cave or something!

I have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks trying to get us all set up, organized, and prepared to start school.

That’s about all I have been doing.

Sweet Pea and Bug have been picking up all the slack.  Sweet Pea has done just about all the cooking.  She did a great job and her skills in the kitchen are really expanding.  She really enjoys cooking, has dreams of being a chef when she grows up, and has been loving every minute of it.  And, as a big bonus, the food she makes has been yummy.  She follows recipes, so we aren’t eating some kind of experiment.  But, even still, over all these 20+ years as a parent, I have choked down some pretty awful meals simply because my child prepared it and I wanted to encourage rather than discourage their efforts.  And, I’m happy to report that my efforts paid off.   The older ones became well skilled in the kitchen and oftentimes asked if they could make dinner.  Music to this momma’s ears!

But, I miss cooking.  I miss being in my kitchen.  I miss it so much.

Now that I am emerging from the cave I have been in, I am looking forward to planning meals again, trying new recipes, and welcoming Fall with our favorite recipes that celebrate the season.

I’m also eager to get on with my ToDo list.  I have a master list of sorts, with the major things I need to get done before the baby and the holidays arrive all at once.

However, as seems typical lately, probably because I haven’t been blogging enough, I sit down to share one thing with you but, rather, end up sharing something else completely.

So, in an effort to feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do … I’m going to continue … and hope that you haven’t wandered off yet  …

While surfing the world-wide web yet again one evening while laying down with Miss M I came across a beautiful dress that caught my eye.  It was a 1950’s style evening dress – a fitted bodice with a full, knee-length skirt, short-sleeved, with a black lace overlay.

I’ve mentioned this before, I just love dresses.  I wear them all the time.  They are comfortable, there is no top to coordinate to a bottom if I’m dressing while sleep-deprived, and it reduces the amount of times one needs to wonder if their butt looks big in something.  And there’s just something about some of the older style dresses that I have an affinity for.

I admired that dress on the www, remembering so many others I have seen and admired as well, and thought to myself … It’s too bad I don’t have anywhere to wear these lovely dresses, I would so very much love to wear them.

Then I thought … Maybe I’m going about this all wrong.  Maybe I need to change my mindset here.  Why couldn’t I wear beautiful dresses like this?  Who says they are just for dinner parties or an evening at the club.  (We don’t belong to a club.  Don’t let your mind wander, misguidedly.  It just sounded good.)

Who says I can’t wear this dress while planning our menu for the week and caring for the children?

photo by carbonated on flickr

And wouldn’t this flow nicely as I glide around the rooms vacuuming and seemingly float around the kitchen creating a meal for my family?

photo by carbonated on flickr

You glide and float, too, don’t you?  Of course you do!  Just say it … see … now you’re gliding and floating!  …  Never underestimate the beautiful power of words.

And, this dress would make cleaning the bathrooms very nearly a Broadway musical come to life in my own world.

photo by carbonated on flickr

I think I may be on to something here … I believe it may be time to change my mindset and broaden the possibilities of my daily wardrobe.