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I love the seasons.

I love the changes that seasons bring. … Have I mentioned this before?

I love the changes in the weather.

The different clothes and oftentimes colors and patterns – the lighter fabrics in Spring and Summer, the pastels or bright vivid colors, the sight of my kiddos bare arms and legs after they’ve been wrapped up in warm, cozy, dark colored long sleeves and pants all Autumn and Winter.

The different holidays that come with each season.

And the food!  I love the way food celebrates the seasons with temperature, color, texture, and seasonal produce.

Now that it is Autumn … according to my calendar … because the temps still hover in the high 80’s here … I was so excited to dive into some celebratory cooking this week!

(I have been so very very busy lately, I’m just excited to be back in my kitchen!  And back to blogging!)

This morning, after a sleepless night of incredibly painful and nausea-inducing contractions (Hang in there, baby. We still have weeks to go!) I dragged myself into the kitchen and (between more contractions) made one of our favorite Autumn/Winter breakfasts – Multigrain Griddle Cakes topped with Apple Pear Compote!

And now I can’t wait to share them with you … celebrate Autumn!

Multigrain Griddle Cakes

Apple Pear Compote