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Music and dance.

It lives in my soul.

At the core of my being.

It’s always been a big part of who I am.

I started taking dance classes when I was 5 years old.  I continued all through high school and intended to make dance a major focus through college and the rest of my life.   …   My plans have changed a bit.  But there has always been lots of dancing with my children in our living room!

And music   …   Well, I have rambled on enough to you about music and my life.

Not long after I met Texas Guy, he told me he would soon take me out dancing.  He then proceeded to paint the picture of our future together, describing the times we would simply dance together in our kitchen.  I literally felt my heart soar inside my chest.   …   My world including this man I was falling in love with, would be a life of music, dance, and love.  And I knew … I could spend the rest of my life with this guy.

I love music and dance.

So, I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit to you that watching those flash mob videos moves me to tears.

And that’s how I started this morning.

A video a friend had posted to facebook.  A video of what appears to be teachers and staff at a middle school doing that very thing for their students.

It’s not just the music.  Or the dancing.  It’s also the group effort.  That music and dance has joined them together.  A group of people with varying dance and coordination skills, joined together in a common goal that means more to them than their abilities.  And as a once-upon-a-very-long-time-ago student I recognize the amazing ground their actions can cover in bringing a better connection between them and the students they wish to educate, influence, and affect for the rest of their lives.   …   Hooray to these amazing adults!!  …  That is one incredibly blessed group of kids!!

Who is that woman in the center with the short white hair?!  I want her energy and enthusiasm!!!