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About a month ago I asked Texas Guy to take me out to a movie that would be in theaters that weekend.

A few nights ago, he remembered (with some prompting) and asked if I wanted to go the following night.

I told him I didn’t know.

Here’s why   …   I’m 800 months pregnant.  Give or take a few months – or 792.  But I feel 800 months pregnant.  The baby is basically all out in front.  As in, I pretty much still have a visible waist – from the back.  And now he has dropped about as far as he can go and still gestate.  As in, I can actually see my ribs.  It’s all kind of weird if you ask me.  …   Also, I had flip-flopped at least four times that day before it was even noon as to whether I had the energy and comfort level to function or just lay around like a sloth.   …    So … that is why I didn’t know if I wanted to (or more accurately, would want to …) go to the movies in another 24 hours  …  when I would be 800 months and 1 day pregnant.   …  Give or take 792 months.

I neglected to explain any of that to Texas Guy.   My brain was not at full function.

And I think I may have thought it was just a given.  That he would just know.   …   And there was the obvious flaw in my thinking.  Or lack thereof.

The next day, as the afternoon moved on, I began to take stock of how I was feeling and if I thought I could withstand a drive, a couple of hours in a theater, and another drive.  I wanted to know what to tell Texas Guy when he called or text to inquire as to how I was doing and if we would be going.  (I’m laughing now as I share this with you.)

About an hour before dinner, Texas Guy sends me a text letting me know that he will be home late.   …   Confused, I respond with a

Oh.  OK

Then he asks if we are going to the movies.

Well, heck no.  I was just trying to figure out if I could last for a 6:30 showing.  If he’s coming home late we would have to find a different theater where it was showing later and that would mean a longer drive and I’m not up for that kind of adventure these days!

I didn’t text back right away though.  I had my hands dirty throwing a dessert together and into the oven.

By the time I got back to my phone he had text –

I’m leaving now.

And then another text with –

Start gettin dear

I finished with dinner stuff and started to get ready.

Texas Guy came home and said –

Come on.  Let’s go.  Why aren’t you ready??!!??  The show starts in an hour and a half.  We got ta git goin’.

I finished getting ready and he shuffles me out the door to –

load up in the truck

Eat your hearts out, storybook princesses everywhere.  THAT is prince charming!  And he’s all mine!

The movie was fantastic!  I was so glad!

We saw Courageous.

It’s from the same people that did Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof.

All great movies and I was really hoping this one would not disappoint.

It did not.    …    So, if you haven’t seen it yet,  …  you got ta git goin’!!

Texas Guy and I talked on the way home about the movie.   …   I love the escape TV and movies can provide.  The time to relax and unwind.  But, I love love love it even more if what I’m watching has a positive effect on my mind, my heart, and, as a result, my life.   …   What’s better than that?!   …  Nothing, I tell you!  So, don’t waste your time, your mind, and your life on anything less than you and your loved ones deserve!  (That’s all for my soap box, for now.  Thank you.)

So, aside from the fantastic movie (Have you seen it?  No? Go see it!!) talking with Texas Guy about it was my most favorite part!

Getting to know each other with half a country between us, meant lots of communication.  And one of the things I love most about Texas Guy is his mind.  He’s not just a pretty face in a pair of amazing looking Wranglers.  Well, he is that.  And I don’t mind the view one bit.  But, he’s also incredibly intelligent.

And even if he does pick me up for a date that I had to remind him to take me on.  And even if he does holler for me to “Hurry up, Woman!”  He’s my Prince Charming.  And I love him.

…  Here’s the movie we saw … Check it out …