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OK, so, in the interest of full disclosure …

…  and so you will understand what I’m talking about – for once …

…  and just to take this to the level of TMI because it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything and I like to come back BIG …

I recently had the baby.  (More on that later.  We have important things to discuss here.)

In preparing for the baby’s arrival, I purchased some underwear because the ones I wear just will not work postpartum.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

Have you seen the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary?

The scene where she’s choosing underwear to wear on the evening she will be seeing her boss and chooses the ginormous ones for reasons I will not include for you here (don’t want to spoil it for you in case you’re like me and don’t get around to watching movies until they’ve been out for at least a decade and a half) … those are somewhat similar to my postpartum underwear.

And they brought on all kinds of strange looks and giggles from the girls since they are on the furthest end of the underwear spectrum as my usual style.

Weeellll …

The other night, Bug was folding laundry and said to me:

Momma.  It’s kind of weird that you fold your underwear.


Oh, really, kid?  Well, haha.  Joke’s on you.  Because you’re folding my underwear, not me.  Now get back to work.

That is, of course, not what I said.  Not with my out-loud voice.  I said it in my head.

What really happened went something like this …

Me: Oh really?

Bug: Well, I just don’t know anyone else that does.

Me: Oh, I see.  Well, some people do.  But we usually don’t do we?

Bug: No.

Me: Then again, my underwear would be hard to fold, wouldn’t it?

Bug: Yeah, but these are bigger so we can fold them.

Me: I’m all done talking to you.

OK, fine.  Fine!  That last line was in my head, also.  …  But, sometimes the conversations in my head make me laugh more than my real life conversations.  …  That’s normal … right??