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Last year I shared about our Advent routine.

Advent is one of our most favorite parts of the Christmas season.  It provides memorable family time and helps us keep our focus on Christ.

We have been using an old, out of print book that my parents used when I was a child.  We really like the book, as well as all that we do during our time together with it.  (I won’t go over all the details here.  But, you can read about it here.)

This morning, I sat down at the computer to check on things and came across a new Advent calendar that I really like!

OK, well, I’ve only read the first two days of it.  But, what I like is that …

  1. It focuses on the upcoming celebration of the birth of Jesus.
  2. It appears to have activities that will help draw the younger children into the daily reading while still offering enough for older children and adults.
  3. I like the look of it, the graphics … I’m visually entertained.
  4. It is free.
  5. I can share it with you.

The calendar is set up for 2011 and starts (or started) on November 27th.  But, we will be starting today – which means we will double up on a few days.

And it can still be used year after year – just begin on November 27th each year – OR – look at the Advent season each year and double up days if needed.

Check it out at ThrivingFamily.com (one of my most favorite sites).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season enjoying all that it has to offer!!