Our newest little one has finally arrived.

Each new addition to our family is just as amazing as the ones before.

And there are so many new discoveries with each new baby.

The baby’s facial features, the color of his hair, who we think he resembles, and the color of his eyes.  The baby’s activity level, sleep patterns (or lack thereof), is the baby very eager to move or more often content to snuggle.

Each discovery is so much fun!

But, my most favorite, the one I wait for, is the sound of my new child’s voice.

Not the cry, but the voice when he coos or makes other noises that will eventually form words.

And last night, while I lay in bed preparing to go to sleep, through the silence broke the sound of my new baby’s voice!

The timing was so poignant.  Just as into our lives, there now suddenly exists this new person ~  in the midst of silence, there was suddenly sound.

And what a glorious sound it was!