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I’m a planner.

An organizer.

A list maker.

So, my focus is very often on the future.

I’ve been working on that.

Trying to find a better balance.  Trying to live in the moment more.  But, still thinking forward.


So, I must admit, that with Christmas over, I find myself thinking about what’s next.  In this case … the new year, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, resolutions.  I’m sure it’s on the minds of many people right now.  But, before I take off running – thinking, planning, list-making – I’m taking some time.

I’m taking time to reflect on the big Christmas season that is so very busy and has so much build up to it.  It’s nice to then sit back and reflect, enjoy, and maybe even learn something or find something to take away from it.  (I love finding little nuggets in life to learn from or take away – like tiny treasures from a vacation or just a day at the beach.  These are things I can use to learn from, grow from, become better, something – or someone – more than I was before.  It’s one of the very best things in life that we get to do.)

So, as I was reflecting (and writing to share with you) on the joy it brings me when my grown children walk in the door, when they come home, it struck me …


This place – this house, this town, this state – that we moved to just under 3 years ago is the place we call home.

It’s the place that feels like all the warmth and security that home feels like.

It’s the place that contains the things that we center our lives and our selves around – family, love, respect, God.

It’s the place that my oldest daughter pointed out feels like home – right from the start – because this is where her family is.

And there’s my take-away.

I knew this before.  I wrote about it before.  But it is a reminder that I must have needed because it really struck me.  I must have let it slip from my mind.  But, also, it always amazes me how some place so new to us, a place without any roots or ties, can feel so much like home.

In part, it is because it is a place the Lord has led us to.  It was His plan for this place to be home for a while.

And, it is in part, because where ever my family is, that is home.