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I have SO much to share with you!  I have been away for SO long!  There are pics, and moments, and thoughts, and insights, and recipes, and … and … and … just lots!

What there is not a lot of is time.  Drat.  So, on days when I am  busy … busier … unusually busy … oh, you know what I mean!  So, on days like that, I’m just going to share with you the first thing that comes to mind.  … On other days, when I have a minute, I’ll try to balance out my posts, vary them, make them more interesting.

I told you this so that I could tell you … break it to you gently … with the hopes that you don’t run away never to return … that today is another photo post kind of thing about … another one of the kiddos.

I just love these pictures.

Here it is …

The other day after Miss M woke up from her nap I found her in my room …

… looking out the window …

… just watching …

… with love.

Miss M loves her daddy.