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I walked in to the living room to be surprised, again, by Bug.

She gets goofier every day.

There she was sitting on the back of the couch wearing these weird looking camo and pink gaucho style pants that she’s adopted as pajamas, a mismatched pajama shirt, and my hat (I was wondering where that was!!) that covers the top of her face with her snack of graham crackers and milk.

But she wasn’t just eating her crackers, or simply dipping them.

She gave me  a play-by-play as to her preferred process for graham cracker eating.

Here it is (you know you wanted to hear it) …

First – break them into small pieces.

Drop a piece in and push it under the milk with a spoon.

Then, using a fork (Yes! Apparently this is a two utensil activity.  Who knew?!) …

… fish out the milk-soaked graham cracker.

And enjoy!

I told her she was goofy.

Then I remembered my favorite snack – Bagels Cream Cheese and Doritos.

So, maybe I’m not one to talk.

How do you like to eat your graham crackers?

{To be fair, I’ll share first … I like to dip them in milk, get them nice and soggy, then eat them before they get so soggy that the soaked part falls off into my cup.  But, if that happens again, I know to grab a spoon AND a fork. 😉 }