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This poor economy has hit our family just as it has many others.

These past few years have been quite a struggle.

It has seemed like one test right after the other.  The kinds of things that bring you closer to God because you are in prayer more often.

In the midst of these struggles we have been blessed.

Blessed with a forced focus on what really matters most – those kinds of things that we start to allow to take a backseat to the busy-ness of our days.  Blessed with the lesson learned – to be more humble and accept help from others.  Blessed with each other and the two newest members of our family.

And along the way, and in the end, we will be blessed.  Blessed by what survives the fires and rises from the ashes.

This used to be the hardest part for me when going through challenges.  But, I find that now I meet challenges head on with three different focuses  …

I meet it as an opportunity to refocus on the most important of priorities.  To regroup and reorganize and put time and effort into those priorities.

I meet it with a little bit of excitement and anticipation to see what survives through to the end.  The losses can be hard, but what survives is beautiful.

And – I think this is my favorite part – I meet it like I’m going into battle.  It allows me to discover how strong I can be, with the Lord by my side.

That doesn’t mean that challenges and struggles don’t get me down.  They do.  I have times when it’s harder to stay focused.  That’s usually when I need to spend some time with God in prayer.  And, of course, there are those times when I need those relatives and friends that are there to talk to and lean on.

We are still in the midst of these challenging economic times for our family.  But, if and when we pull through to the light at the end of the tunnel, we will enjoy the moment of peace and rest up and strengthen ourselves for the next challenge that life will bring.

And through each and every moment, the Lord will be there with us.

Helping us to be strong

Waiting for us to learn and grow and change.

And bringing us closer to Him and who He intends for us to be.