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We’ve had a lot of birthdays around here recently.

(And we’re not done.   …   Oh, who am I fooling?! With all these people, we’ve always got birthdays going on.)

About a month or so ago we celebrated the babies’ birthdays.

(They’re not the babies in the family anymore.  Not since the addition of the newest little guy.  But, they were the babies at the same time.  So, I still think of them as the babies.   …   I’m talking about our Miss M and our grandbaby J.   Born just a month apart – what an adventure that was.)

I can’t believe they’re two years old already.

I wanted to share pics from the party.

First … here are pics of the girls.

The entire weekend was crazy.

So was the party day.

So, no surprise, we didn’t think to take a lot of pics.

And we didn’t think to take them earlier before nap time so they were more enthusiastic.

To help with that little problem in poor planning, Baby Girl and I stood behind the camera and acted silly, made a bunch of noise and faces, and made fools of ourselves.

Of course we did.

And here’s the result …


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