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Oh my.  Here we go again.

It looks like life has a new adventure ahead for us.

Texas Guy is taking a new job soon.

He’s leaving his customers, closing the business, and using his current skills in a new capacity.

He has some learning and growth ahead of him.

A new adventure.

This job won’t have us rolling in money but it appears to be the answer to countless prayers and seems to fit the bill in many of the aspects he was hoping for.

The downside, as Texas Guy explained it to me, is that for the next 3-4 years he will be traveling.  And it sounded as though he wouldn’t be home much at all.

As he talked over everything, I sat there as his sounding board.

As he talked about not being around much for the next few years, I listened to him balance that negative with the positive aspect of being able to pay the bills.

As he talked, I heard him struggle to be convinced that it wouldn’t matter if he missed much of the kids’ lives for a few years.  I heard this man, who doesn’t like to be away from home and his family for just one night, half-heartedly explain (to me or to himself, I’m not sure) that providing for his family was worth the trade-off.

After listening to him and thinking it over, I knew two things.

1 – This was a job he really wanted to take and it was my duty to do everything I could to support him.

2 – Yes, providing for the family is extremely important – as is having him a constant presence in our family, for the children, and for us.

Bottom line, I needed to find a way to make this work for everyone.

How could he take this job but still be with the family?

Well   …   we would have to go with him   …

And we do homeschool the children so that makes it more of a possibility.   …

So I think our new adventure   …

…   will look something like   …

…   this   …

I think it might be a very good plan.

There are some definite pluses.

There are definitely some possible additional pluses.

And, I am definitely freaking out over a few (many) things.

More on that later.

For now, lets just try to process this new adventure.:0