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I.  Love.  Bread.

Love the stuff!!

It’s simple, yet amazing.

Why do you think it’s mentioned so many times in the bible?!?!

I love all bread.  I don’t discriminate.

But, I absolutely love artisan bread.

The kinds of bread you find in a bakery.

What I don’t love is the cost.

It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth it.  I absolutely do.

But, I currently cannot afford that kind of amazing creation.

I mean, seriously, consider the cost of ingredients to the cost once it’s been baked for you.

So, because of the cost-my budget issue   …   And because I like to try to make everything that I feed to my family myself   …   And because the aroma of baking bread wafting from my oven is something for the angels to sing about   …   And because eating fresh-baked, still warm, bread is in.cre.di.ble   …   I keep trying to perfect my bread baking abilities.

I’m not too bad.  …  I’m not amazing.

In 2007, I saw a guy on TV (some news show, I believe) discussing his new cookbook and method for baking bread.

A few months ago I fiiiinally gave it a try.

I had Baby Girl get it from her library because our library didn’t have it.  I bought the items I needed.  And I gave it a try.

It’s fantastic!!!!

I made all our own bread for a while using those three recipes.  Once I had saved enough money making our own bread I found the books online and on sale and bought them.

If you can make cake from a mix, you can do this.

If you can make mac n cheese from the box – you can do this.

If you’ve ever made mud pies… in the mud – you can do this.

It’s insanely easy and incredibly fantastic!

I am so excited to be sharing this with you!!

I finally got around to taking pics today.  (It’s hard to get pics of bread when it’s being gobbled up so quickly.)  I made the cinnamon raisin bread today – one of my favorites.

Bread makes Bug goofy.

Apparently, bread makes Sweet Pea goofy, too.

I injured my arm last week somehow, so typing has been very difficult.

The baby has been sick and sleeping has been almost nonexistent, so thinking has been very difficult. 😉

But, I’ll share the cookbooks and items used in my next post.

Bread! Mmmmmm, Bread! ~ Continued →