Baby Girl came over for a while yesterday with my grandbaby.

Fine. She’s Baby Girl’s baby.

But what really matters here is that she’s my grandbaby. Let’s focus here, people.

Then Baby Girl had some things to do and she left my grandbaby with us. (I gave her back later that night. … Only because I think keeping her might be illegal and I didn’t have time to research it.)

Why am I telling you this?

Oh, yeah. … Sorry. I got distracted. …
So, in the midst of wanting to visit with these people that roam around carrying a part of my heart with them, I tried writing a letter to you.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to share an audio file with you.

I still don’t know how.


Then I started the post I had promised about the bread cookbook and stuff.

I didn’t get it done.

Now I’m sitting in the truck with the rest of the family. We’re running errands today. Trying to get something done before Texas Guy starts his new job. We’re not sure what his schedule will be like after that so we’re trying to be prepared.

So, …. (drumroll, please …)

… I’m trying to write and post something from my phone for the first time … ever!!

Exciting moment here!

Like I said, we’re all in the truck running errands.

It’s not exciting stuff. But it’s nice to just be together.

One of my favorite things about my kiddos is that they’re awesome about having a good time no matter what we’re doing.

I absolutely love it!

It’s nice to know that no matter what our plans are for the day, we tackle everything together, try to keep a good attitude, and enjoy ourselves …. and our time …



The baby loves to look at his daddy when we’re in the truck.

(I don’t blame him.)


The girls – being silly.


Holding the baby’s hand while he sleeps.

He used to hold my hand. *sigh*