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We wrapped up another birthday party this weekend.

It seems like we always have a birthday to celebrate around here.

Sweet Pea and Texas Guy’s birthdays are close together. So, because Sweet Pea thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, and because it saves us time and money, and because it reduces the number of invites for our already busy friends and family, we like to combine birthday parties. (Bug and I share a party, also.)

(Before I ramble on about parties and budgets and all kinds of other things, let me share pics from our party … I’ll ramble in another post. You’ve been warned.)

This year, we did a color themed birthday party.

Sweet Pea’s favorite color is light blue. So, I sent Texas Guy to the store to get balloons and cardstock paper in light blue and had him choose another color as well.

Here’s what we created for our birthday celebration. (And it cost less that $20 – total.)

I made this invitation on picnik. The back had more details: location (our home), RSVP, and to inform people that presents were not necessary but that we just wanted to visit with them and have them join our celebration. A few people received a paper invite and we printed a few for the girls’ journals, but for most invited, this was used on a facebook event that I created. (If you noticed that the date on the invite was not this last weekend, it’s because we rescheduled when the baby and Texas Guy got sick days before the party.

I printed large letters for “Happy Birthday” and their names. The girls used a large cup and a small plate to trace circles for the letters and paper to back it. We strung the letters on some fabric ribbon we had, taped balloons to the wall, and as a last minute idea, created a table centerpiece.

Just balloons attached with a hair tie (rubberband) and some paper.

We hung paper in front of the windows – but a storm had started moving in and the lighting wasn’t great for pics.

These were easy to make and so much fun to have hanging up. (They were so easy to do, the girls did them themselves.)

We hung up these really fun spiral paper things – but by this time the storm had gotten really windy so they didn’t survive very well. (The girls did most of these as well – all I did was make a stencil and cut a few.)

With the blue and purple theme, we decided that jello would be much more fitting and fun than cake or cupcakes.

I was going to make perfect layers of Jell-O and Cool Whip. Then I decided to do it like this for two reasons equally: this was faster/easier, and I liked the way the “chopped” Jell-O looked. As added bonuses, when the girls asked if they could make it this was easy for them to do and, they got to help with more of the party preparation and I was able to delegate more (win-win-win!).

We didn’t serve a meal (it gets too costly) but I made caramel popcorn (which I semi-successfully colored blue and purple – this is the purple) and set out baby carrots and ranch flavored sour cream dip (which was not blue or purple but was quickly gobbled up). And we had drinks (sweet tea, lemonade, ice water).

It was a fun party! đŸ™‚