After church service on Sunday morning, with the girls in their Sunday School classes and Miss M in the nursery, we headed over with the baby in tow to our Sunday School group.

Yesterday’s group was small – there were about 11 of us, including Texas Guy and I.  We’re starting a new small group study and yesterday involved watching a video.  So we were all sitting around 3 sides of a large table, facing the TV.

I was holding the baby and decided I had better find some paper and a pen in case I want to take notes.  I dug through Texas Guy’s bible remembering that I had him put some papers in there last week for me.  He offered to help but I had just located what I was looking for.

Then I tried to unzip my purse to look for a pen.

He offered to help … again.

I oftentimes ask him to do things for me if I have my hands full and he’s not busy.  I have no idea why I was one-handing it that morning with him sitting right next to me.

So, I accepted his offer and told him, “I need a pen.”

He digs around for a few seconds and then holds up my lipstick brush with a silly smile on his face.

He’s a riot, that one.

“Haha, very funny.” I tell him.

So, he gets back to the task at hand – finding my pen.

Now … I think I’ve mentioned this before …

Texas Guy, given a few seconds of free time, will mess around with whatever he can get his hands on.  (Don’t even get me started on every single doctor appointment during the nine months of my pregnancies, or the vast number of things he can get into in the few minutes that we wait for the nurse and then the doctor.)

His friend, Jaime, is just as bad.  (Well, Jaime has never been with us to my doctor appointments … thank goodness … one child … uh, I mean grown man {potayto potahto} is enough.)  Here’s how it goes (I have watched this many times) they get into each other’s trucks and the “guest” then sits there and plays with everything within reach that moves – every button, lever, dial, visor, etc. While the truck owner complains – Dude, quit touchin’ stuff.  Why do you always have to mess with everything?! … Because they have apparently forgotten the last time they were in the other person’s truck.

They have both done this in my vehicle as well.  I try to never let them in to my vehicle.  I already have a herd of children.  And they are all better behaved than these two.

Then, sometimes when we are sitting in the truck while getting settled to run errands or something, Texas Guy will have Miss M up front with him and she will proceed to play with everything within reach that moves – every button, lever, dial, vis… oh, you get the idea.  To which Texas Guy says – Quit touchin’ stuff.  Why do you always have to mess with everything?!?!   ...  It is the funniest thing to watch … EVER!!

OK, so now you have a bit more insight into Texas Guy … who is now back to digging around in my purse in search of my pen … and has clearly been distracted from the task at hand (again!) when he pulls out this …

… and gives it a little shake.

Upon hearing that it makes a little noise, while sitting around the table with our Sunday School group, he continues shaking it.

At which point I look at him and say …

… those are my tampons.

He just busts out laughing and said – Well, I didn’t know.  I thought there was candy in there.

I think I just realized why I was one-handing it earlier to get the paper and pen that I needed.