{I meant to post this a few days ago.  We are having technical difficulties … of one kind or another … as if this is Where The Wild Things Are. … We love that book.}

One year ago today, I started the day laying in bed with my newborn baby boy.


One year later, I started the day laying in bed with my baby boy … wishing him a happy first birthday.


There’s just something about that first year.

It is the one time that I easily allow myself to do less. To let some things go. To not do it all. To just spend the time taking care of the baby and my family.

It is the one time that I don’t volunteer for other things. Don’t start new projects. Don’t run everywhere doing everything.

And in the mix of all that, I have learned, that I don’t always blog. … Have you noticed that, too? 😉

As with all the other things that fall by the wayside, I have missed blogging so much.

But, as I look back over this past year … as I gaze at this beautiful sweet baby that the Lord has, for some reason, entrusted into my care … as I marvel at how much he has grown and changed and at how amazing he is … I am so glad that I took the time to just slow down, cut out some of the extras, and allow myself and my family to … enjoy.

One year.


I am so madly in love.

~ Blessings ~