As I’m (frantically) trying to pack up everything we own, I came across my cookbooks (recipe books ~ is that the more accurate term?) and wanted to give you an update on them before I threw them in a box.

I looked up the first post I wrote about these and was shocked to find that it has been a year!!

It took me a year (and that first year with baby) to find the right covers for the front and back of each cookbook.   …   I wanted something sturdy (the cardstock pages bend if left on their own), affordable (always affordable), that is the right size (these are 5.5×8.5 in), something that won’t sit in the landfill long after multiples of my descendants are here, and had the look I was after (I almost always know just what I’m looking for, it’s just a matter of finding, or creating, it).  Then, recently, I stumbled across this stuff called chipboard.  Chipboard is all over the place.  It’s already in my home.  And I’ve always seen it.  I’ve just never seen it all by itself and had no idea what it was called.

I was able to buy a pack of 25 12×12 squares for just under $10 online from Walmart.  Each square is enough for a front and back for each cookbook (With two strips left over – I can’t wait to use them for something!!).  I had enough for all of my cookbooks, my oldest daughter’s cookbook, and each of the girls’ timeline books for our history program (we’re making our own).

I bought them plain – not colored – looks kind of like cardboard.  I loved the way it looks.  Perfect.  Then I printed out these great labels made by Just Something I Made available here at World Label.  They were not made for cookbooks, obviously.  But I really liked them. And I don’t know how to create these things myself.  So they are close to what I wanted.  (My handwriting leaves something to be desired.  But I couldn’t get the font exactly where I wanted it and I’ve got limited time.)

Then I used Mod Podge to attach them and then covered the entire front with two coats of the stuff.  I had never used Mod Podge before.  It was fun.  While the baby slept on my bed one night, I spread the cookbooks all over the floor next to the bed and attached the labels and finished the fronts.

When I first put these together, I was curious to see how they would work and what, if anything, I would change or wish I had done differently.  Now, after a year has passed, I can say that I absolutely love these and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Hooray!  They’re easy to put together, inexpensive, easy to update, and easy to use (for myself and the children who cook as well).  Plus, I love the way they look … and have all kinds of ideas running through my mind about different ways to personalize these covers.

My cookbooks – completed.  Success!

~ Blessings ~