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We (actually, by “we” I mean mostly me – the girls help as much as they can, the little ones are … well … little, and Texas Guy is gone … as in away, at work, for days …   …  maybe I should start over … I think I’ve distracted myself … are you still here??)

We are still very busy frantically trying to pack and still juggle life … and children … and …

… life.

I think today my brain is clearly scattered over too many things.

In addition to the typical task of packing, there are the children to care for (though I’ve moved many times with children – packed, moved, unpacked – no problem).  But, I think what makes this move harder is that it’s not a simple pack-move-unpack operation.

We are staying temporarily in one place, then eventually plan to move to an RV of some kind, then years down the road back into a home.  So, first, we sold anything we won’t want or need in 4 or 5 years and can’t take with us in our very small home for those 4-5 years.  We also had to figure out the cost of storage compared to the value of what we were storing – I just hate to waste money.  And I have to figure out as best I can what is practical to take with us first without leaving something we really need behind, and predicting what will fit and won’t add too much weight to our next home-on-wheels, and then decide what we will still want to have in a few years when we are back in a more typical home.  In addition to that, I need to factor in all the current care, entertainment, and educational needs of all four children and their current ages as well as what I will need for all of their needs over the next few years and which of those things I will want to store in storage and how often we will need to, or be able to, go back to the storage and switch things out.


So, aside from sharing what I can gather into a cohesive (sort of) post to share with you, I can show you a bit of what the preparations for this adventure looks like …

The children really got into the process of packing things up in boxes!

Each time we sold something, they found a new and exciting place to play. (Sometimes it was just an open room and then they were all running in circles on the empty floor.)

It didn’t take the baby too long to catch on. He now climbs into everything he can find … even if we are trying to pack other things into it.

And anyone who knows about children knows that boxes are a favorite toy!

Here, the babies enjoy a snack and some time together visiting. … They’re not really babies anymore, are they? When will I stop calling them “the babies”? … Maybe never. 🙂

With all the toys packed up, the baby has found a perfect spot to just barely squeeze into and play peek-a-boo.


Thanks for visiting with me even though I am a scrambled mess. … Off to try to finish packing … and I haven’t finished the schoolroom or even touched the kitchen – Yikes!

~ Blessings ~