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One day, I will talk about something other than this move.

But today is not that day.


Sorry.  But, it’s on my mind.  And as you know, what is on my mind is then what comes out when I sit here to type.   …   I’d like to take this moment to thank you for hanging out with me anyway.

OK … so, as I’ve mentioned, we are moving.  And we are downsizing.  Seriously downsizing.  And this required us to sell as much as we could, as much as made sense to, factoring in the cost of storage for a few years, as much as we needed to.  We didn’t own any nice, heirloom quality kind of furniture.  I liked all of it.  Very much.  And much of it is no longer made so when we furnish our next home I won’t be able to have many of those items that I really liked.  But, to store it for years made poor financial sense.  Or is that financial cents?  Hahaha! … No?  … OK …

Moving and downsizing, I’m getting rid of much of our stuff.  Like … for instance … as our move day is drawing near, I’m trying to create meals using all the food that we already have in the kitchen so nothing is wasted.  Which is why, last night, I decided to finish off the rocky road ice cream.  …  I was going to take a picture so I could share the moment with you.  But, you know how it is, those action shots can be so hard to capture without them coming out blurry.

We have sold nearly all of our furniture.  And sold or donated many other items.  Being a good distance away from a large city, posting to craigslist oftentimes means driving our stuff towards the city to sell it.  We just had too much stuff to do that and not enough time to make the trip.  So, I posted items to a local group on facebook, kind of like a local craigslist.  I thought maybe a few things would sell and that would be less to drag out and hope to sell at the yard sale I had planned for our last weekend here.

Before I knew it, the first few items posted were getting responses and inquiries faster than I could post the rest of my stuff.  Our little area out here really surprised me.  I was posting things like crazy.  Anything and everything we didn’t need to, or couldn’t take with us.  It took over much of my week (taking pics, posting, corresponding, making arrangements, rearranging after a few people flaked), but in the end I had sold almost everything and didn’t need to have a yard sale.  It worked out really well!

When Texas Guy came home, some of the furniture had already left and rooms were starting to look empty.  It also made it look and feel like I had made progress on packing … when, really, I hadn’t even started.  That night, after we had gone to bed I heard him ask,

Where’s our comforter??

I tried to suppress and laugh,

I sold it.

HAHAHA!! I could hear his exasperated sigh.  Boy, once you start downsizing and deciding what you need and what you don’t, it’s hard to stop!! 🙂   …  But, really, I had realized about a week before that, as I lay in bed still chilly, that the comforter had become so thin that it didn’t offer much warmth.  It was still in good shape and would make a nice cover for a bed.  So it got posted.  And within minutes, it was sold. … I will need to buy a new comforter though.  I promised him we would.

And that wasn’t the last conversation like that.  😉

~ Blessings ~