Texas Guy has an amazing voice.

It’s low.

It’s deep.

And, it can be loud.

But beyond the surface …

It is the voice I listened to on the phone as it reached across the miles and miles between Texas and California as we got to know each other.

It is the voice I heard on the other end of the phone reaching through my anger after I had text him and told him that I absolutely did not want him to call me ever again.

I meant it, and was furious that he had called anyway, completely unwilling to let anything stop him  …  yet, his voice, it reached me.

It is the voice of the person that I fell in love with before I even knew I had, and despite how very hard I tried to fight it  …  his voice reached me.

It’s the voice I hear when we are arguing that reaches to me and lets me know that it’s just an argument and that we will work it out.

It’s the voice that helped me through labor and delivery –  that reached through the pain and gave me something to hold on to as I brought our children into this world.

Despite the hardships of this job-related separation, I was happy that it would give me the opportunity to hear his voice on the phone each day and fall in love with him all over again as, once again, his voice reaching across the miles to me.

It is the voice that I hear when he tells me he loves me and beyond his voice, I can hear his heart, speaking to me  …  reaching out to mine.

I love the sound of his voice.

I melt every single time I hear it.

It reaches me.

~ Blessings ~