On one of my first visits to Texas, I noticed this vehicle that was the most horrible color I could ever remember seeing on a car.

I was sure someone with poor taste had that custom painted because I had never seen that color before that I could remember.  And certainly not on something as large as a vehicle.

Not long afterwards, I saw another vehicle, same manufacturer but completely different vehicle – but that same ugly color!  I was stunned that a major car company would allow such an unappealing color to get through all the approvals necessary for production.

Then, I saw yet another one by the same company and could only justify multiple people buying these because certainly they were marked down significantly when the dealerships realized that no one wanted a vehicle in such an ugly color.  …  And I really can’t blame a person for wanting a good deal.  I might very well drive an ugly colored vehicle if the price was right.

But then …

I saw another vehicle, same hideous color but DIFFERENT car company!  And I was COMPLETELY baffled!!

I could not keep it to myself any longer.

So I explained this whole thing to one of the few people I knew here in Texas (like one out of the 3 whole people I knew – Texas was a completely foreign place to me and I knew nothing about it, and knew next to no one who lived here).

I went over everything and tried to explain this nasty shade of orange – and did not forget to mention that, in my opinion, orange of any color is pretty nasty on a vehicle anyway.

After I tried to explain it all in detail, just beside myself in shock, I asked if he had noticed the same surprising amount of hideous orange vehicles.

He, the UT alumni, knew exactly what I was talking about and explained it to me.

I was laughing SO hard by the time he finished telling me that burnt orange was University of Texas’ color.

I then apologized to him sincerely.

(Well, as sincerely as possible while still laughing.)

Because, if my school had such a hideous school color, I’m sure I would want someone to apologize to me, also.

Wouldn’t you??

{Obviously, I don’t follow college football.  I also knew very little about Texas at the time.  I had no idea.  This was (and still) is just a color preference thing for me and has nothing to do with schools or sports.  As luck would have it, I also packed a couple of maroon colored tops for the trip.  It just happens to be one of my favorite colors.  I had no idea that UT’s rival school – Texas A&M – had claim to that maroon color.   …   Coincidentally, Texas Guy is an Aggie.  It makes for a nice solid foundation to build a relationship on.  At least, I think that’s the way it works here in Texas.  These people are a little off the charts when it comes to football.   …  Don’t tell them I said that. … Thanks.}

~ Blessings ~