Yesterday was Sunday.

It was also Easter.

It was spent with friends who have welcomed us like family.  And it was spent with their big family.

It was the kind of holiday I grew up with –  almost as big of a group.  It was nice to be in that kind of setting again.  And what a blessing for my children to experience it all.

But yesterday was more than Sunday, more than Easter, more than fun, family, friends, food and a celebration of faith.

There’s more than that?!

I woke up in the morning thinking about that very day four years ago.

Four years ago, Texas Guy and I woke up at the KOA in Van Horn, Texas.  We were there with my car, the Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck, all my “worldly” possessions, two days-1,100 miles behind us, and one day-400 miles ahead of us.

I did NOT want to get back in the car and stare at the back of that Big-Cheese-Ball-Truck for another minute, least of all not another mile!

But, here’s what stuck with me this morning as I thought about that trip that was so full of experiences, emotions, and adventure   …

On one of our stops, we had stopped at a rest stop.

(Can I use the word “stop” more than three times in a sentence? Probably.  Should I change it? Probably. But I won’t. It amuses me.  …  stop  …  See.  Fun.  Like reading a telegram.  When was the last time you got a telegram?  I never have. They stopped a while ago. … Just had to get that in there.   …  OK … Sorry  … where was I?!   …)

Some how, between parking and walking to the restrooms, we lost track of each other.  (There’s a good chance it had a little to do with me wandering off to take pictures.  It’s a sickness really.)  By the time we found each other (Texas Guy found me, I didn’t know I was missing), Texas Guy had gotten worried.  He saw me and hugged me and said something about being worried and being at a rest stop and being close to the Mexican border and other stuff like that.  I was thinking that I didn’t see cause for concern and that this hug seemed to be lasting a rather long time – this was because I was off in la-la land taking in the view and taking pictures.  (I really do need help.  A 12-step program maybe.)

So, while he was hugging me, and I didn’t see an end to it anytime soon, I figured I’d try to take a few pictures on the sly from right where I was (being held hostage … and here he was worried I’d been kidnapped).  Maybe he wouldn’t notice what I was doing.  (Haha!)  …  Until I said “Wait.  Don’t move. I’m taking a picture.”   …  Sly, like a fox, I am.

And then there it was, right in front of me, I saw it.

It was right there, in the camera, that I saw a visual of what I had been trying to put my finger on.  …  Suddenly, it was clear.


The world, my world.

Standing there being brave while I was scared about this new adventure and enjoying an independence that is very much a part of who I am.   …   But at the same time, and for the first time in my life, I feel these strong arms wrapped around me, holding me tight, keeping me safe.

And the sight that stopped me  …  that caught my attention  …  what I noticed while taking this picture, was the brim of Texas Guy’s hat.  Do you see it in the top left corner?

I couldn’t get the picture that I wanted because his hat was in the way.  And as I was squirming around in his arms trying to get the picture I wanted without that big black thing ruining it, Texas Guy was holding on a minute longer while his heart stopped racing and he reassured himself that I was safe.  And that’s when I realized that his hat wasn’t ruining my view and my picture.

I settled into his arms realizing that his hat gave me a nice, almost safe, place to view the world while it shielded my eyes from the bright sun making it easier to see and enjoy it.  I realized that I could enjoy the adventures of life while being wrapped in Texas Guy’s arms – how wonderful it was to be that independent me and have someone there to love me, look out for me, and “keep me safe” at the same time  – that it didn’t hinder my life, it enhanced it.

Right there in front of me, I saw the world, my world, clear and beautiful and adventurous, all from under the shield of Texas Guy’s hat.  Right there, standing in the circle of these strong arms, I realized that I had been blessed with something wonderful.



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