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So, as Texas Guy would say …I told you all of that, to tell you this …

A few months ago – and nearly 4 years after the rest stop “incident”, Texas Guy and I were arguing about something or other (I don’t remember what) and he asked me sarcastically, “What do you want, to be treated like a princess?!?”  To which I immediately responded, “No, of course not!”

Later that week, I spent the day with the children, my oldest daughter, and the grandbaby. We finished the day off with a little window shopping, that turned into actual shopping, at a fantastic resale shop.  The children found these adorable little tiaras attached to a hair comb for just a dollar.  Sweet Pea and Bug ended up buying one for each other and one for each of “the babies”. As soon as I saw them, I just knew I had to have one.   …   Every girl should have a tiara!

When we got out to the car, I was going to place my oh-so-valuable tiara in a cup holder.  I quickly discovered that they were all full.  So, I placed it on the dash just under Texas Guy’s hat hoping it would stay put.  And then I paused for a moment before starting the car.


There my tiara rested, in the shade of the brim of Texas Guy’s hat.  And I remembered that picture I had taken at the rest stop when, almost four years earlier, it had been me that was resting in that shady spot.

That picture has been one of my most favorite pictures from the moment I took it. I keep it on my computer where I stumble across it from time to time.  But, I don’t need the picture.  I’ll always see it in my mind.  It is one of my most favorite moments in my life.

I went home and told Texas Guy … “Yes.  I want you to treat me like a princess.”

Though not in the way that he had meant it.  And there is probably a handful of other words that better describe what I mean by that.

But, yes …

What girl doesn’t want to be her cowboy’s princess?