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I was just going through my pics from this past week.

Somehow, we have all abandoned my camera and use my phone for taking pictures.  I think it is just more readily available.  And since we are not skilled photographers (have you noticed?!) it works just fine for us.  Once a week, I save them from my phone and because I’m not the only one that uses it, I never know what I might find.   …   But, I always find it fun.

So, today, I wanted to just share some of them with you.

JustSomePictures01 Miss M takes a picture of me while we are getting ready to go to the zoo.

JustSomePictures02Bug pretends that I’m ripping her hair out while I put it up in a ponytail.   …   She’s a joker, that one.

JustSomePictures03Looking for turtles.

JustSomePictures04I just love pics in front of giant aquariums.  If that’s what they’re called.  …  Not to self, in my free time, learn to use a camera -my pics might look better.

JustSomePictures05More fish … my family … what can I say.

JustSomePictures06I love this picture.   …   I heart this picture.

This is my family.   …   I heart my family.

Did you notice that there are not many pictures of me?

There are rarely any pictures of me.

That could be because I’m usually the one taking the pictures.

Or  …  maybe, it’s because the result when taking pictures of me looks like this …

JustSomePictures07What do you think?