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A few days ago, we found out that one of the girls’ friends had a stomach bug and a fever.  We took a moment to pray for her.  The girls decided that we would all take turns praying out loud.

As I listened to them, I heard the beauty of their hearts coming through their prayers and was struck with amazement.

It was then that I was reminded that something that beautiful could not be a credit to myself or Texas Guy personally.

These are God’s children.

And all the glory goes to Him.

They have only been entrusted to us for a time.

And what an incredible blessing and privilege that is.

I pray every day that we do well and then I strive to make that happen.

ChildOfGod(This picture is a couple of years old but I thought of it as I was writing this post.  I had walked in and saw that Miss M had joined the girls in prayer before lunch and took a quick picture.)