About Me

March 2010


It has been suggested many times over the years that I start a blog.  Having no idea what a blog is, I first had to google it to see if this was an offensive suggestion.  Like … Hey, you should go …  Oh. Never mind.  I’m still not sure what I’m doing.  But I imagine I’ll learn as I go along.  And, I’m still not sure why the interest in a blog by me.  Me …

I’m a Southern California girl at heart who moved halfway across the country a year ago, settling down in the heart of Texas.  20 years ago, 1990, I started the year off becoming a mom with the birth of my first child.  This year, 2010, I started the year off with the birth of my fifth child.  I have found that both being a mom and moving halfway across the U.S. is quite an adventure, much of it unexpected.  Just like life.  But, one thing I know for sure, … there will always be laundry to do.

So, my plan is to continue being me, posting what I like to, and hoping you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Ready?   Here we go  …


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